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The Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Path 2014

Historic small towns nestled between gentle hills, Baroque monasteries and churches on expansive plateaus, lakes and moors, orchards and grazing characterise the landscape between Danube river and Lake Constance.  
The Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Path leads you through Upper Swabia and the Württemberg Allgäu. This route consists of two cycle paths, an eastern route and a western route which finish in Ulm and Friedrichshafen respectively, but which can be combined into a roundtrip. The route offers cyclists the chance to experience the pulsating city of Ulm with its world-famous cathedral and the popular holiday destination of Lake Constance offers the chance to relax and go swimming.  Back in Upper Swabia the numerous spa towns offer healing moor waters and thermal springs. Majestic residences, mainly dating from the Counter Reformation elevate the region to the status of Baroque Upper Swabia.

Neighbouring Linzgau is also quite rural and quaint and is separated by a steep terrace into a northern and southern section. Pfullendorf and Markdorf were once proud free imperial towns and the castles of  Salem and Heiligenberg still impress to this day.

The Allgäu region is made up of a Württemberg and Bavarian section. The green landscape of the farmers’ meadows ard colourfully complimented by well known towns such as Wangen, and Kempten, as well as the highlight of the well-known Neuschwanstein Castle.

Cherry blossoms in the Allgäu


Cycling in Upper Swabia- Green nature meets Baroque architecture

Cyclist familyBad Waldsee - Stiftskirche


Relaxing on the Federsee

Federsee Dock


As you can see there is a lot to discover along the Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Path. We look forward to hearing from you!


Simon Mink - The Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Path

Simon Mink

Managing Director
Radweg-Reisen GmbH